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Facebook's Connectivity Lab is on a Mission to Connect the World
By: katiechan12 Date: 4/15/2014 12:00:00 AM 
Facebook and other major companies are on a mission to provide internet access to 2/3 of the world's population who have none through Facebook's Connectivity Lab.

7 Best Windows 8 FREE PC Games
By: DianaBisares Date: 4/7/2014 6:20:15 PM 
If you have the Windows 8 on your PC, better get these games that don't need a single dime from your pocket. Yep, folks, they are TOTALLY FREE! Check out our top picks here.

March 31 Marks Mochi Media's Last Day
By: DianaBisares Date: 3/23/2014 12:00:00 AM 
On March 31, 2014, all services of Mochi Media will stop as the platform closes down for good. One co-founder tried to save it, but he failed.

10 Awesome Websites that Make You Smarter than Ever
By: emj Date: 2/27/2014 12:00:00 AM 
If the Internet has fed you up with information that are too useless to even use in real life, you gotta visit a list of websites that will definitely cure you from the useless knowledge mania.

Must-Have Apps while Traveling
By: emj Date: 2/25/2014 12:00:00 AM 
A true traveller is resourceful. Find out which apps can help you get into your destination without too much trouble.

Funniest Text Messages Ever!
By: DianaBisares Date: 1/9/2014 1:24:40 PM 
You'll end up laughing hard with these funny text messages ever!

Smartphones: A Luxury or Necessity?
By: kit_2004 Date: 10/20/2013 12:00:00 AM 
Due to the persistent demands of modern times brought about by the advancement and modernization of technology, things become easier and lo and behold! at a snap of a finger or a wink of an eye, everything is laid down in front of you. It is like making impossible things possible. It provides comfort and ease in our day to day routine of life.

Everybodys Favorite Hobby
By: kit_2004 Date: 10/20/2013 12:00:00 AM 
Because no man is an island, he or she will find someone who can be his or her friend, best buddy, companion, playmate and even a lifetime partner. If a dog is mans best friend, nowadays, a laptop can be everyones best buddy.

The New iPhone 5S Release
By: GFTV Date: 9/10/2013 12:00:00 AM 
The New iPhone 5S Release Apple new iPhone 5S is the talk of the month in the tech world. The new smart phone is has a slight new design with additional features that may be a game changer in the tech world.

What in the world is Facebook Home
By: greekflix Date: 4/13/2013 12:00:00 AM 
Facebook User Comment stated, i watched this dumb video of Facebook Home and still don't even know what facebook home is.. The Answer: A Mind control Device (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, mind abuse, menticide, thought control, or thought reform) refers to a process in which a group or individuals, a.k.a the F and B word.

Facebook Phone by HTC
By: greekflix Date: 4/1/2013 12:00:00 AM 
Facebook with already more than a billion active users worldwide continues to push forward with plans to create a mobile operation system. While most companies are trying to create better apps, Facebook always seem to take things to another level. This month will be a big Month as Facebook puts mobile devices as key method to access the FB platform.

Zynga drop in Profits
By: greekflix Date: 2/6/2013 12:00:00 AM 
Zynga one of the best places to play online games with friends and founded in July of 2007, may already be going out of business. With over 250 million monthly active users and gained significant revenue source for Facebook is about to come to a close, and possible a lower net worth, if they don't act fast.

Instagram Class-Action Lawsuit
By: greekflix Date: 12/25/2012 12:00:00 AM 
Instagram class-action lawsuit revetsInstagram recently got more than they asked for during the holidays when users claimed a civil lawsuit against the Facebook owne photo sharing service. Instagram was purchased from Keven Systrom for a nice hefty price. Especially for a site that had zero revenues and no revenue model, forget wasting time on a business plan, just call Zuckerberg.

Social Media rundown on Bad social media
By: greekflix Date: 10/15/2012 12:00:00 AM 
7 Ways to lose your audience The Social Media rundown is designed to provide social media best practices and tried and true methods. But its not always about what you could be doing better; sometimes its important to identify what you're doing wrong. Dont let anyone tell you that social media is easy. Its hard work.

Microsoft Buys Skype for 8.5 Billion
By: GFTV Date: 9/27/2012 8:28:01 PM 
Microsoft finally closed the deal to purchase Skype at $8.5 billion. The Wall Street Journal confirmed the news. But, why is CEO Tony Bates selling Skype in the first place? The answer may very well be opportunity, especially since Skype has been up for sale for some time now. Partners eBay and Silver Lake have been getting nervous about the delayed initial public offering and their initial investment. Google was never a serious buyer in our opinion. Personally, I think they just wanted to get them off the

All-new design - i Phone 5
By: greekflix Date: 9/14/2012 12:00:00 AM 
iPhone 5 features a 4-inch Retina display,ultrafast wireless, the powerful A6 chip, an8-megapixel iSight camera with panorama,iOS 6, and iCloud. Yet it's the thinnest,lightest iPhone ever. iPhone 5 connects to more networksall over the world.1 And Wi-Fi is faster,too. So you can browse, download, andstream content at remarkable speeds,wherever you happen to be.The power-efficient A6 chip delivers upto twice the CPU performance and rendersgraphics up to twice as fast1?with evenbetter battery life. See

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