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Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Role Play
Who said that teen bride Courtney Stodden couldn't act? O.K besides flaunting her young teen body, she did a fair job on the minature clip. She played the distress wife, while Seinfeld star playing Donny Clay, a TV talk show host slaps doug around and puts the moves on his wife while doug sits on couch with a WTF face. Ever wonder what's to come when she no longer a teen?

Fit your foot for running shoes
If you've ever purchased a pair of running shoes the first step to proper fitting is to measure both feet with a Brannock Device. Second, take the wet test to determine what kind of foot type you have and shoe shape you should look for running shoes have one of three different shapes.To take the test, wet your foot and then stand on any surface that will leave an imprint of your foot (a brown paper bag preferable) you imprint should match one of the three most common types.What shoes should you purchase?Wh

Kung Fu Ninja Baby
Did anyone see the Kung fu Ninja Baby Video on Youtube that got over 30million views? This baby is real serious with his style and technique too. lol. I think this baby may be the next bruce lee. The Picture below the Video is what happened 10 years later? Just Saying!

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