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Verizon = iPhone??
The Verizon iPhone will officially be available to consumers on February 10. But is it worth buying now??Many thought that the CDMA-enabled iPhone 4 would be the same between the current AT&T versions and the new Verizon version.... well, that?s true for pricing,which remains at $199 for a 16GB iPhone, $299 for a 32GB one, with a two-year contract.Good changes:- The biggest news to come out of the announcement is the inclusion of Verizon?s HotSync service with the phone. It means the iPhone

Daddy " Where DID I come FROM?"
CHILD : Dad, where did I come from??DAD : Okay, we had to have this conversation some day!...... So why not now?DAD : Okay,?Now Listen.... Dad and mom met in a chat room on the net. I set up a meeting with your mom and we landed in the bathroom at the Cyber Cafe. Then, mom did some downloads from dads memory stick and when dad was ready to upload, We discovered that there was no firewall. Seeing that it was a bit too late to cancel, I just carried on doing the upload. Nine months later, the d

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